We manufacture MiniPleats (pleat packs) for filter manufacturers, which you can finish for your customers regarding size and frame, by our own pleating machine technology. Beside the mere pleating of our roll goods, the pleats are fixed through a proprietary spacer bead technology in certain distances, so that, when in use, they won´t touch each other (accordingly no reduction of the filter surface will occur). This technology is unique in the market.

The advantages of our MiniPleats:
- Best filter media usage factor
- 100% synthetic through PP-spacer beads
- 100% humidity resistant
- Excellent stability also in applications with high air velocities
- Damage resistant when being handled for filter manufacture
- 100% incinerable

We pleat in standard pleat heights of 22, 44, 92 and 145 mm. We keep our standard MiniPleat size of 600x1200mm in stock, available for filtration grades M5 - F9. Upon orders we also supply our customers with MiniPleats meeting Ashrae 52.2 standard for filtration grades MERV8 - 16. In the second half of the year, we are also able to offer our MiniPleats in qualities ePM1, ePM2.5 and ePM10 accroding to ISO 16890.

Our service for you:
- Short delivery times for our standard MiniPleats
- Individual pre-cut sizes available depending on order volume
- Test reports for our MiniPleats in a finished filter according to the new ISO 16890 and EN 779:2012

For any question please contact our Sales team.

If you are interested in finished filters manufactured with IREMA-MiniPleats please send an inquiry to sales@irema.de. We will be happy to help you.

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